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Hi-I'm Zeeshan Syed. I demystify tech
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[An open letter to leaders in tech]

Embracing the world of tech is about empowering everyone.I approach my role as a senior software engineer in a way that centers on inclusion, accessibility, and understanding, rather than overwhelming with technical jargon.I witnessed my non-technical peers struggling to decipher developer lingo, and that's why I embarked on this journey.I don't ask: "How can I make tech more complex?" Instead, I ask: "How can I simplify tech and make it accessible to all?"My mission is to help non-technical professionals grasp the intricacies of Web 2.0 and all things tech.It's not about overwhelming you with information; it's about providing just enough to empower you.Together, we'll navigate the tech landscape, keeping things simple and efficient, just as I do in my own work.Join me on this journey to achieve the freedom to understand everything you want about tech... and nothing you don't.

Stick around if this is you 👇

  • You come from a non-technical background

  • Your developers toss around “tech” terms

  • Those “tech” terms still make no sense despite years of Googling

  • There is no linear approach to learning “dev talk”

  • You feel like tech isn’t right for you...

Master the ins and outs of Web 2.0

Here's your outcome👇


Build kick-ass products

  • Don’t just “pass” an interview

  • Draw inspiration by understanding constraints

  • Spend more time building, not planning



End-to-end knowledge

  • API design, database design, caching and much more

  • Understand the jargon that most pretend to know

  • Avoid wasting time Google searching low-quality content

  • Most content is too technical or too high-level

  • Scope feature requirements faster


Hit the ground running

  • Tech is not going out of style

  • Gain knowledge that has no expiration date (even in Web 3.0)

  • Transferrable knowledge that can be used in ANY industry

  • Have top recruiters flood your LinkedIn inbox


Ability to speak tech

  • Be prepared on customer/stakeholder calls

  • Never say "I'm not technical"

  • Earn the respect of your developers

  • Understand how to organize your developers

  • Filter through the fluff that everyone throws around

Master the ins and outs of Web 2.0

Kind words from students👇

Master the ins and outs of Web 2.0

The full curriculum (10+ hrs)


Basic Terminology

An overview of the most common terms and buzzwords that developers throw around daily.

How Computers Actually Work Part 17 mins
How Computers Actually Work Part 25 mins
Data Types7 mins
IP Address8 mins
Source Code6 mins
Where is Code Written?10 mins
Servers3 mins
What is a Client/Server Relationship?6 mins
Backend and Frontend3 mins
HTML, CSS and JavaScript3 mins
What's done on the backend/frontend?7 mins
Linux4 mins
Remote Connections5 mins
CRUD Operations3 mins
Libraries4 mins
Frameworks3 mins
API7 mins
SDK4 mins
JSON7 mins
Virtual Machines5 mins
MAC Address2 mins


Everything Code

An overview of the most common terms and buzzwords that developers throw around daily.

Types of Programming Languages7 mins
HTML, CSS, DOM8 mins
Common Languages and Frameworks5 mins
What is Node.js?7 mins
What is ES6?5 mins
Component Based Architecture5 mins
Model View Controller4 mins
Vertical & Horizontal Scaling3 mins
Single Page Application4 mins
Absolute and Relative Paths5 mins
Environment8 mins


Testing & QA

Learn about the different kinds of tests, including: unit testing, integration testing E2E testing, and quality assurance.

Quality Assurance4 mins
Unit Testing5 mins
Integration Testing & End to End Testing4 mins
Test Coverage2 mins
Test Driven Development3 mins



Understand the fundamentals of how user interfaces (like browsers, and mobile devices) interact with servers.

Web Services5 mins
RESTful API7 mins
RESTful API Verbiage10 mins
Payload and Query Strings11 mins
Headers6 mins
HTTP Status Codes8 mins
How Requests Are Made13 mins
Polling5 mins
Web Sockets7 mins
Microservices vs Monolithic Services7 mins


Version Control

Using Git and Github, learn about how developers keep track of different versions of the application they’re building.

Using Git7 mins
Using Github4 mins
Pushing, Pulling & Cloning5 mins
Branching and Merging6 mins
Pull Requests5 mins
Branch Conventions7 mins
Typical Flow - Creating a Feature5 mins
Typical Flow - Doing a Release4 mins
Typical Flow - Doing a Hotfix4 mins
Merge Conflicts6 mins
Common Terms Used2 mins
Continuous Integration3 mins
Semantic Versioning7 mins



Understand where and how all of our application data is stored.

Overview of a Database4 mins
Creating a Table4 mins
Altering a Table2 mins
Inserting Data into a Table3 mins
Update and Delete Data2 mins
Primary Keys3 mins
Indexes4 mins
Fixing Our Queries5 mins
Reading Data3 mins
Foreign Keys5 mins
Joining Tables3 mins
Database Migrations3 mins
Connecting Our Backend & Frontend9 mins
Limits & Offsets4 mins
Table Relationships7 mins



The best ways to make our application more performant.

Overview of Caching2 mins
Too Many Queries3 mins
Introducing Redis3 mins
Implementing Redis2 mins
Caching Issues3 mins
Client Side Cache4 mins



Go through an entire deployment process and the tools involved.

Overview of Deployment2 mins
Builds and Bundles3 mins
Development vs Production Builds2 mins
Deployment Process3 mins
Automating the Deployment Process3 mins
Containers and Docker5 mins
Continuous Deployment & Delivery5 mins


Loose Ends

A few things that are important to know, but don’t fit in any other module.

Regular Expressions5 mins
Cron Jobs2 mins
Technical Debt2 mins
Synchronous and Asynchronous5 mins
Race Conditions2 mins
Timeouts and Intervals3 mins
Continuous Deployment & Delivery2 mins
Exceptions4 mins
Serverless4 mins


Final Project

A final project where we tie everything that we learned in previous modules into a real-world application – without writing code.

Overview2 mins
Feature List2 mins
Choosing Our Technologies3 mins
Environment Setup5 mins
Production Server Setup Example 12 mins
Production Server Setup Example 22 mins
QA Setup7 mins
Setting Up Our Codebase6 mins
Setting Up Our Backend Project8 mins
Setting Up Our Frontend Project8 mins
Database Design15 mins
API Endpoints18 mins
User Session Tokens6 mins
Bring It All Together Full Circle Part 113 mins
Bring It All Together Full Circle Part 224 mins
Bring It All Together Full Circle Part 330 mins
Homework Assignment3 mins


Chrome Developer Tools

A useful tool that can not only provide value to developers, but anyone that manages an application.

Overview of Chrome Developer Tools2 mins
Device Toolbar3 mins
Inspecting HTML Elements7 mins
Network Tab10 mins
Console Tab8 mins
Chrome Profiles5 mins
Application Tab13 mins


Mobile & PWAs

A detailed overview of mobile applications and Progressive Web Applications (PWA).

Mobile Apps Technologies6 mins
Progressive Web Apps - Overview5 mins
PWA - Manifest2 mins
PWA - Service Worker5 mins

Master the ins and outs of Web 2.0


How much is it costing you NOT to enroll?

- Hours or even years wasted on YouTube trying to make sense of free resources...
- Tens of thousands of dollars wasted because you didn't know how to lead product development teams...
- Overwhelmed with Web 2.0, in addition to the upcoming Web 3.0
- Your colleagues getting the promotions that you deserve...
- Eventually leaving the industry because you aren't "technical" enough...
To get excellent results, you must take outstanding actions.Don't waste your mental health, time and money by letting this offer go.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is currency is the price in?
Everything is listed in USD.
What if the course is not right for me?
No sweat. If you’re not happy with the course for any reason, within 30 days, I’ll refund you 100%. No questions asked.
I know nothing about tech, software or the industry, I’m just getting started. Is this course right for me?
Absolutely! This course was designed for absolute beginners who have no background in coding or IT.
What if I already know the basics?
You also fit in perfectly. I reinforce this basic knowledge – but teach you a unique way of intensifying it. Then you’ll swim slowly and steadily into more experienced and advanced waters.
The tech industry changes so quickly, is the content up to date?
Absolutely! Even as Web 3.0 rolls in, much of the content here will still be relevant. In addition, you’ll also get free lifetime updates to the course!
Most tech bootcamps & courses are like $479 or $797 or $1,200! What's the deal?
This isn't my primary source of income and my main goal is to give back to the community. How many people can actually afford those courses?
Do these videos expire? Is there a monthly cost?
Nope and nope. Pay once, keep them forever.
How do I purchase for my team?
If you’re looking to get this course for more than just yourself, email me at
Can my employer pay for this?
You’ll have to ask them first 😁. But you’ll receive a receipt via email upon purchasing the course.
What if I’m not satisfied?
If you don’t get real value out of this course, or if you’re not happy with the product, please email me at
I have another question!
No worries – email me at

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